At Moody’s, we are committed to working toward a truly sustainable, local food supply. We source many of our offerings from local farms, including our own family farm, as well as from other food purveyors in Central Indiana.

We process meats at our own facility in Ladoga, Indiana, and bring these high-quality products to you at our local butcher shops in Avon, Geist, and Zionsville. Moody’s butcher shops offer eggs, poultry, beef, pork, seafood, and deli meats and cheeses.

We invite you to visit one of our stores today to see the difference our commitment to quality makes.


Cows GrazingMoody’s Founder and CEO Adam Moody is a fifth generation farmer. Since 1987, he has pursued sustainable farming practices with minimal chemical input on the Montgomery County farm where he was raised and where he and his wife Lucy reside.

In the late nineties, seeking to close the existing gap between farm and table, Adam and Lucy began providing free-range chicken, eggs, beef and pork directly to the consumer through farmers’ markets in Zionsville and Lafayette.

To process these products, Adam and Lucy utilized a small facility in Ladoga, Indiana, which they purchased in 2000. It was then that the Moody family of stores began.

Over the last fifteen years, the Moodys have opened four butcher shops in the greater Indianapolis area while continuing to operate the Ladoga processing facility. Over much of that time, their children have been directly involved in the business, managing and overseeing farm operations, website design, photography, customer service, administrative work, processing chickens and cutting meat.

Adam and Lucy will happily celebrate 35 years of marriage this year, alongside their children and four young grandchildren.


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