Lone Pine Farm Beef
LPF Beef is Beyond Organic
There are no added hormones, no antibiotics, no GMO grains, no wormers*, no supplements*, no vaccines*, no feed lots*, no high stocking rates, and no animal by-products in our feed.
*Allowed in Certified Organic Beef Production
The only items bought off the farm to feed the animals are salt and kelp, which contains essential minerals in their natural form.
Here is a list of what is raised on the farm to feed the animals: lush pastures with high quality grasses and clovers, whole ear corn ground on the farm, oats (yes, we raise oats),spelt, and soybeans.

Lone Pine Farm Free-Range Chicken
Of the various meats raised, processed, and sold, LPF free-range chicken is the centerpiece. The birds are received on the farm only hours old from the hatchery. They spend the first few weeks of their lives in a brooder under the care of Isaac Moody.  After the birds “feather up” they are moved to a portable chicken hoop house where they enjoy new clover and grasses daily, along with the feeds grown and ground on Lone Pine Farms.  The birds mature in seven to eight weeks. At that time they are loaded by hand into a small trailer and transported just minutes away to Moody’s state inspected processing plant in Ladoga, Indiana.
The birds are processed one at a time by hand. Aged in a cooler for 24 hours.  The birds are availabe fresh to customers for an additional 48 hours. Any bird not sold in that time frame is frozen.

Lone Pine Farm Free-Range Eggs
LPF laying hens are a true free-range bird, scratching on new grasses daily within the protection of a movable feather net. The flock size is kept under 200 per house to avoid overcrowding and over fertilizing the ground where they graze.
The quality of eggs these birds produce is far superior to any eggs produced in a factory farm setting.  You will see, taste, and feel the difference in your very first egg! The eggs are gathered by Isaac Moody and our farm intern, washed, and inspected for cracks or fissures before they are packed into cartons made from recycled materials.

Adam and Lucy welcome anyone to come and visit Lone Pine Farm.  Please contact Moody’s at contact@moodymeats.com to find out more information on farm tours.

This page pertains only to the products raised on Lone Pine Farms

Moody’s Butcher Shops carry meats from multiple sources including Adam and Lucy Moody’s Lone Pine Farms (LPF), from similar farms in the surrounding counties, and from a locally owned distributor of high quality meats.